New York based creative with a love for people and their stories. I enjoy finding creative solutions and bringing vision to life. I am blessed to what I do and very thankful to be on this journey. 

I welcome new collaborations and partnerships, let's create something exceptional together. 

Email:  nneka@nnekapeters.com  

ART work

"Nneka Peters utilizes photography and the editing process to explore themes of memory, nostalgia and our connections to the past. Having worked in multiple spaces in the creative industry, Peters applies her understanding of different subjects to bring them new life by incorporating color and light in inventive ways. 

Highly influenced by her family and culture, her work draws inspiration from the simple beauties of life, the shared histories of Black people and her faith. Her “We See This” series is currently on view at the Oculus,Westfield World Trade Center in New York  for the MVVO AD Art Show. Her "Taste of home" series is in a a virtual exhibition in collaboration with Littman + White Galleries & recently on view in  SHIM/Photography exhibition at Atlantic Gallery in NYC. 

To inquire about available works please visit artsy.com or email nneka@nnekapeters.com

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